(If I had never met with Ian Bain, I do not think I would have read this book. It was my good fortune to have met Ian. Apart from being a fabulous host, he is also a great story teller. Ian has had a fabulous life- Moving from town to town and school to school in Scotland, not finishing his school, working for a newspaper at 15 and then a sailor, a smuggler, a sub editor , an entrepreneur and then treading the path spiritual. All this in one lifetime! I will wait for more stories from Ian)

Ian Bain has given us a glimpse in to his Life. From a disturbed childhood, lack of ‘formal’ education to becoming a sailor, a journalist, a successful public relations entrepreneur … his life is anything but ordinary.

Living for the day, Ian moves from country to country, job to job, has his battles with the bottle and finally finds peace in his spiritual pursuit.

The book is fast paced. Makes you want to know what happens next to Ian before you can put the book down.

The writing is easy, and Ian succeeds in putting a smile on the reader’s face even as you go along the most turbulent of his life phases.

A truly remarkable journey in a single life. Not many of us are privileged to have so much excitement and learning.

The title is very apt. Ian moves from one potential shipwreck to another all the while, without losing his charm or cheer. If I change the timelines of history, I will say that Robert Bruce was inspired by Ian.

I am sure Ian must have had his days of gloom, but as I read the book, they disappear among the words and the turning of the pages.

Ian’s editorial skills are imprinted across the book. He wants to make sure that the reader is not burdened with any boredom. He has succeeded. I finished the book in two sessions.

In this book, are hidden many more books. Ian’s time line spans a period that has seen remarkable changes. And Ian has been in ‘happening’ places all along. As a reader, I would love to have Ian tell me stories of Dubai in 80s, of ocean voyages, of his bootlegging booze to Bombay, the Simla he saw that was frozen in time, the America that he experienced. He is a story teller nonpareil. He makes fishing sound interesting even to a vegetarian like me.

I am fortunate enough to have met Ian. Ian and Sharadha are wonderful people and hosts that did not make us feel like guests. And Leela, another wonderful host at their place.

Ian and Sharadha’s tryst with spirituality and healing tops off the book. Even here, it is ‘giving’ and doing good. Good at heart and at hearth, I wish them forever years of happiness and togetherness.

I am waiting for his next book on Baba, the real Slumdog… And then on Leela… And then on….

Go get a copy of the book. You will not regret it.

This is where you could get one:




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