Going Digital is the way forward. I think all are in agreement on this. There are some obvious places where the government CAN and SHOULD go digital IMMEDIATELY. Let me list out a few obvious places, which would help prevent lot of frauds and be in the public good.



On a public website, list out every doctor, name, year of passing and photograph. This will help weed out fakes and rogues. The details could also include names of doctors who are suspended / degrees cancelled etc.  Verification of qualifications becomes so much easier. Every recognized university should list the full details. Not very difficult.


Every institution that is recognized, whether it be IITs or CBSE or colleges, SHOULD put on their website, names and photos of every one who passed out of their academies, year wise. This will weed out those who submit fake papers for getting jobst etc. And will obviate the need for ‘certified’ true copies etc.

This is especially relevant for professional institutions like IIMs, IITs etc. Jobs are given before the results are out. Publicly available database of results will help weed out frauds.

These are two basic categories, which affect the public. This can be extended to various spheres of public impact areas. Whether it be IAS officers or Gazetted Officers or Public officials.


Does this violate privacy? My answer is, NO. If necessary, the grades, the marks etc need not be made public. However, the fact of someone being a pass or a fail should not be hidden.

I am sure, if the government implements this, it would be of huge public benefit.

R Balakrishnan



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