One of the Axis Bank account holders got a ‘free’  Group Insurance policy from Apollo Munich insurance co. The account holders do not have a say in this.  Axis Bank gets noted as the insurance broker and in exchange has sold the data base of account holders. The account holder will now be a victim of calls and emails from the insurance company.

The account holder contacts AXIS Bank to get out of this mess and is directed to the Insurance company. It is a nice merry go round created by the crooked banksters in search of a few rupees of commission.

With bankers like AXIS BANK selling your information in an illegal manner, your privacy is shot to hell. And RBI may impose some idiotic fine of a few rupees and let the dishonesty continue

Wonder if RBI or IRDA or anyone has anything to say on this.

Of course, it is useless to expect any degree of honesty or ethics from this shady bank which has its roots in the erstwhile scam tainted Unit Trust of India.


5 thoughts on “AXIS BANK- THE MIS-SELLER

  1. Axis Bank is a rogue bank. Axis Bank is involved in mass conversion of Black money into white. In one of the branches in Tamil Nadu in a Tier 4 town, Axis Bank is openly collecting money from black money holders opening accounts in names of villagers and depositing sums up to Rs 50000 in their names and transferring the white money through some bogus transaction to the black money holders and making it white


  2. Best to setup a blacklist of such numbers and block such calls on your mobile. No point of arguing against such established systems. I’ve been unable to get out of SMS and email of pest control companies, and you are cribbing about insurance companies!?


  3. I have received more than 400 calls and sms from “research houses” set up in shady streets of madhya pradesh who offer to give you buy calls that will earn you 50% returns per month on your investment in the stock market.

    I got more than 20 of these telemarketers’ phone numbers disconnected by complaining to Airtel, but then i gave up.

    How the hell did they get my name and mobile number…??
    I don’t think that my broker Kotak Securities would have sold the data, but perhaps an employee did, or possibly somebody in NSE or NSDL did.


  4. It is very easy for Samsung to create a common list for any phone number that is blocked by any Samsung user.

    That way, Samsung can hold any caller whose number has been blocked by say 1000 Samsung users, and the receiver will have the option to allow that caller.


  5. The stock exchanges — BSE and NSE — sell investor lists to boiler room operatives most of whom seem to be based in MP. WHY does this happen and why is SEBI quiet about such abuses?


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