To those who did not know him, he was in a financial scam involving Tata Finance.

I first met Dilip in 1984, when he was working in a secretarial function in one of the Tata Companies, perhaps Indian Hotels. He helped me and my friends with a lot of introductions within the group and help us win some business. With Dilip, it was business first. He was fiercely loyal to his employers. I doubt if that loyalty every wavered, till two days ago.

During all the times we knew, he never asked us for anything in return. He was happy to see his friends get business on merit. Yes, probably we got some preference because he pushed, but never did he let us do a second best deal.

I lost active touch with him somewhere in the early nineties. I have followed the stories, with scepticism and grief. Grief because a man who devoted his entire life to one employer, was soon hounded by the same employer.

Dilip takes with him many secrets to the grave. Secrets that would hurt some people, who are possibly relieved at his unfortunate end.  Maybe he will be in a story telling mood when we meet him on the other side. He may have done something wrong and reckless. But I doubt he did it for any personal gains. Those who knew him and his lifestyle, will vouch for that.

Whatever he was, he remains, to me, a good man and a good friend.  It is unfortunate that he ended his life in despair and fear. Surely, the Gods above owe some answers for treating him the way they did.

There may be stories and debates about his alleged wrongs. I am happy to ignore them and say a prayer for his soul. Dilip, RIP.


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