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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
The Girl on the Train
by Paula Hawkins (Goodreads Author)

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May 08, 16  ·  edit
liked it

A very well knit story. The journalist in the author ensures that there are no loose ends.
The story is a set of a handful of warped characters who complicate their lives. The setting is dark and the pace is good. As you read, there is a sense of characters hurtling to their doom.
Each character narrates her/his part in the first person. This leaves no ambiguity about motives or impressions of events. The setting reminds me of the suburbs that John Updike generally sets as the background.
In this book, the Girl on the Train is central to the narrative. She has ended her marriage and alcohol has taken over her life. She has not given up her marriage and is stalking her old house which is next to the railway tracks. As her train passes by each day, morning and evening, she gets involved more and more in to a couple staying close by. Blurred by alcohol, facts and imagination mingle in a blur, leaving her helpless.
The suburb is brooding. Dreary. English weather at its typical best.
The entire narrative is well paced and there is mystery and longing through the narrative. You know where the characters are heading and no ending will leave you content.
For a first novel, it is a well told story.
Pick up this book if you are short of reading material on a flight or train. Not a must read book.
The book is no Updike or Higashino. The language and the writing style are a bit heavy, giving me the impression that the journalist in the author is trying too hard to be comma perfect.

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