Give me water, O Lord, but not a never-ending thirst,

Give me shelter but not the will to conquer the earth,

Give me food just enough to eat

But not that I should die in its dearth.

A few friends to comfort me

And my foes my courage be

And a little strength I may require,

That my foes my friends may be.

Give me hands to work and a mouth to rest,

And feet to pace in the spirit of quest

A quest that I lose or victorious be

My only pain my effort be.

May loss give me no woe to hide

And win may not fill me with pride.

Give me eyes to think and a mind to see

A mind to see the worth of a thought

That my eyes may unworthy be.

And a sanity to ask for the wealth

Not that in my hand I do hold

But that in my mind does dwelt.

Give me dreams to dream and a life to live

That the less I receive, the more I may give.



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