With the ballooning of the cabinet members to 66 (just seven short of the Jumbo Cabinet of 73 under the Soniya Manomohan coalition), Modi has for sure gone back on one part of his promise of Minimum Government Maximum Governance.

Clearly, all the quotes before the election were just sloganeering.
And why bring people in to the Cabinet through the Rajya Sabha? Why not let them face the public, get elected and come in?
In five months plus, this government has yet to find its feet. Apart from a sweeping program, a river cleansing program, we are yet to see anything serious.
One man can only do so much. The PMO is clearly in charge and the rest of the cabinet is just an appendage. Agree that the party does not have folks with any experience in governing, but surely governance standards were supposed to be higher.
Well, Modi is the last great hope for this nation of a hundred languages and crores of Gods. If he fails, not even the Gods can help this unfortunate bunch of people.

3 thoughts on “maxiMUM government

  1. Not finding competent people in 282 who got elected means tickets were given to useless guys and the Gowda and Harshvardhan in just under 6 months does not look good. It also means he chose them for wrong portfolios in the first place!


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