So many issues- Doubt whether the Telengana people are going to be happy. Or the other half. Things that cannot be shared would include Tirupati temple, Hyderabad, water, food etc. People from Telengana who have properties and businesses in the other half would be targeted. Realignment in property prices is one small thing. Everything from State Transport, Infra, Police personnel will have to be divided. And a monetary payout from the Centre would have to come to the new state. One more High Court. One more Sales Tax regime. The list is endless. Positive possibility? Telengana with its own CM can develop better. If they can find the resources, which all seem to be with the other side. Till the dust settles down, expect riots and uneasy peace (if army steps in). Not a happy development at all. But suppose the Congress had to use this easy and divisive thing to get a few MPs in to its fold.


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