A tweeter alerted me to this. Samruddha Jeevan. Has all the hallmarks of being a ponzi scheme. Do check it out and be cautious. Check out this webpage: http://www.sjfil.com/profile.php Obviously a company that seems to be soliciting funds under different heads, with no details about numbers or economics but with a lot of beating round the bush. One sentence in the page makes me very very suspicious== Reads as: :”In some plans customers are provided with Banker’s post dated cheques.” The whole page smells suspicious. Oblique references to begging for money, but no direct statement. Something is terribly wrong here. The business is described as : Agriculture, Sales/ Purchase of Goat & Buffalo, Milk products, Vermiculture, Bio-fertilizer, Bio-gas plant and other agricultural business. The future plans of the company is to come into Real Estate, Windmill and Insurance sector. Caution advised. Regulator will not do anything. See the ‘why join us” section.


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