Mr Karan Thapar (A TV anchor) hosts a show cloned from “Hard Talk”,the no holds barred BBC show.
The show manages to get famous and infamous names and in most cases, the anchor manages to rile the guest with his questioning style rather than the questions itself. Anywas, the show is either hated or liked, with no in betweens.

A recent one with Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia was fun. Mr Thapar trying to catch the many utterances of the erudite gentleman (who is also a key functionary of the Planning Commission ). Mr Ahluwalia is adept at extricating himself. When questioned about the government’s commitment to complete 7500 kms of roads in the current fiscal, Mr Ahluwalia said the commitment is ” only to contract 7500 kms of roads”.
So, someone is lying. The populace thinks it will get 7500 kms of roads. The planning commission gentleman (who will have no say in the road contracts, thanks to the not so friendly relations with Mr Kamal Nath, who is the minister who will try and lay roads)has made his comment on an area of which he has no clue or control on.
And the show went on with both gentlemen displaying their command of queen’s english.
This is the stuff that the intellectual page three talk about in India and the planning commission gentleman lives to write another plan..


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