The gentleman from AP (TRC?) seems to have pulled a nice con job with the so called fast unto death. Speedy recovery and now a willingness to wait another 4 years! Wonder why this sudden change of heart.
Of course, this helped me to reinforce several things;
1. Corporate governance be damned. Sonia is the CEO for this country. She took the call, without any semblance for corproate governance. Her view was to cede in to the demand, damn the legislative process for splitting a state. How can one individual decide on such a thing, no newspaper or tv anchor questioned.
2. Now the demand for separate states is going to be a daily tamasha. All elections henceforth will carry ‘promises’ by traitors like the andhra guy to have a separate state.
3. The andhra guy seemed smart enough. His family is already in to the politics business. The media was addressed by son, daughter et al. He sure knows his onions and seems to have enough legit businesses that can be a platform for explaining future wealth!
4. None of the political parties have any balls to take a stand. Best example is the gentleman called Chandrababu Naidu who first supported and then opposed!
5. No one actually bothers to ask our PM about anything. Whether media or someone else. All things are decided by the Lady in command.
6. Media does not question if a polical party boss (Sonia) who is a mere MP can be the main person to enjoy all privileges reserved for heads of state. I do not know enough of the laws to be certain about it, but strikes me as another slap in the face for corporate governance.


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