In 1952, a ‘gentleman’ by the monikker of Potti Sreeramulu succeeded in rabble rousing and dividing India on linguistic lines. The then PM, Mr Nehru had no courage to take these people on. This set the rot and the Congress started using this tool of taking sides with rabble rousers, minorities et all and brand it as ‘secular”.

We are now at the cross roads again. Telengana agitation is one which will decide whether India will remain united for some more time or we will see a 100 states bloom in a few years. Telengana is only the beginning. Soon we will have other fights, whether it is in Karnataka or Maharashtra or Bengal or Rajasthan.
Congress has always found it advantageous to divide people by race, caste and every possible way to pretend to be ‘secular’ and take the easy way out of crises.
When Potti wanted Andhra, he also wanted Madras to be the capital of Andhra. Then as a compromise, Kurnool was chosen. Hyderabad was later. Now, Telengana will want Hyderabad as capital!! That time, a Nehru put the first wedge in dividing India. Today, a family member, thru a proxy PM will put the wedge that will sub divide India!!

Let the Pottis of the world immolate themselves or fast unto or beyond death. So many traitors to India less.


2 thoughts on “Andhra – The wedge in to India

  1. Dear Bala,
    Rightly said, I can just think of a day when this country would disintegrate into many smaller countries. Political considerations will stop central leaders from taking a tough stance against any such activities to gain regional benefits.

    We have already seen many states being cut out, and will witness many more during our lifetime, but hope India remains as one strong nations without disintegrating into smaller nations without any national significance to the world.


  2. Dear Bala,
    Your fear is well founded. There is already a small simmering demand brewing in one part of Tamil nadu, which has not had the developmental grace from the ruling family so far to form in to a separate state.Teh thought processes and the follow up is gaining the support of the people too. You must have surely guessed which part it is. So yes, it is not an exaggeration that soon you will have 100 states, let us at least be first in that direction. The democratic values are eroding by the day and in opportunistic politics do not see any stoppage to this happening.GOD bless our children who decide to stay back in India!
    09th Dec 2009.


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